A Little Body Work

While I’m waiting for the chassis to return, I figured I’d get started in on some rough body work to fix up the mold lines and imperfections.  One of the main areas I wanted to tackle was blending in the gas cap inserts.

The inserts are added after the body is pulled from its molds and it needed to be blended into the rest of the fender.  As you can see from the below photo, there was a gap that needed to be filled.  So I filled the gap with some short strand and then blended it in with some regular body filler.  By adding the short strand first it provides a more solid base than just filling it all with Bondo.

I then started to continue down the front and top of the drivers side fender.  I figure it’s still early to do any body work, but it has to get done sometime 🙂

Today I’ll continue along the drivers side to clean things up

I also started to build the speaker doors near the hood latches.  These are made out of 1/2 inch plywood which will then be coated in fiberglass resin to seal them.  Later they will be sanded down with body filler to make them look perfect.  They will also need some work to get them lined up properly with a consistent gap, but it’s a start.

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