No Need for the Flip-Flop Hood

After talking to a bunch of people about my thoughts on a Flip-Flop hood the general consensus was that it’s a great idea… however… it will end up being an engineering marvel with all the clearance of corners, wheels and angles.

So I have opted for a different way of solving the problem.  Since I only need this configuration for the sole purpose of being able to fit the BatBerry into my garage, I have instead equipped my garage to handle the situation.

My Dad and I spent the weekend prepping the garage for long term parking and making it easier to work on the car.  We decided to build ourselves a beam with some supporting posts and hung a winch over where the car will be parked.

We built supporting posts on both ends each made out of three 2 x 4’s screwed together with 3″ screws and also screwed to the existing 2 x 4’s of the garage’s framing.  The beam across the span of the garage is 18 feet comprised of three 2 x 6’s screwed and bolted together every couple of feet.  We also ran some 2 x 2’s along the front and back of the beam screwed into the joists of the floor above to ensure that the beam cannot sway back and forth, plus it’s also braced with lags and brackets on each end.  This sucker isn’t going anywhere 🙂

The winch is then bolted through the beam with threaded rod and we added two lag bolts on each hanger for extra piece of mind.  It’s a 440lb winch and 880lb when setup with the pulley.  The whole body shell is likely less than 440lbs so lifting the hood will be a snap.  I find its always good to over engineer things for simple piece of mind.  Direct power is available from the outlet that runs the garage door opener.  I’ll likely also be running some halogen lights across this beam in the future for better lighting.

What I’ll be doing is adding connection points on the inside of the gun door openings and on the nose of the hood.  When I pull into the garage I’ll disconnect my hood with quick connects, hook up the straps to the connection points and use the winch to raise the hood up to the ceiling and drive the car in under it.

Basically creating the same effect as the flip-flop hood, but without all the engineering.  This will also serve as a great way to get the hood up out of the way when I’m looking to work on the car.

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