Cleaning out the Garage

I was able to take some steps in the right direction today.  Before I can get working on the BatBerry in my garage, I need to get my Subaru back out on the road for the spring.  That will clear out the garage for some good old fabrication.

Unfortunately, the Subaru has a busted wheel.  On its final trip of the season last fall I ended up hitting something on the road that ended up splitting the rim.  After a $250 flatbed charge the car was back in my garage.  Unfortunately they won’t weld aluminum wheels anymore 😦

Of course a replacement rim “only” takes 3 months to order from Japan; and that was before the unbelievable devastation that occurred from the Tsunami.

Time for plan B ….

I took a trip down to Windsor today and picked up a new set of rims for the Subaru.  Now I just have to paint the rims and get them on the car so that I’m ready to roll.

This will also give me a good opportunity to paint both my Subaru rims and the BatBerry rims to match.  I’ll hopefully have some posts up soon of the painted rims.

Now if only I had a chassis to put them on 😦

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