Engine Clean-up Thoughts

While I’ve been searching for a new rolling chassis for the BatBerry, I’ve been starting to think about how I might clean up the chevy small block and transmission that I have from the previous donor car.

There really isn’t a budget for an engine build this year, so I’ve been thinking about how I can give the engine a visual overhaul to clean it up and replace some of the rusted items.

I can do some simple things like using stainless braided hoses and -AN fittings to replace old hoses, hard lines and fittings.  I can also replace valve covers, change up the air intake, new headers, alternator, pulleys etc.

The main item I’ve been looking at is cleaning the exterior of the engine and transmission down to the bare metal and giving it fresh coat of paint.

The color scheme that’s been rolling through my head has been silver for the transmission and other smaller parts, Chevy Orange for the block and heads, and some polished billet/chrome items for accessories.

I think this would give the engine a nice spruce-up that would look nice mounted in the new chassis… and it all could be accomplished on a very small budget.

Below are some reference photos that I’ve been using for inspiration.

13 thoughts on “Engine Clean-up Thoughts

  1. Very nice. I agree the orange would give it some pop, but why not go with traditional Batman colors for the engine as well? Black, Yellow with some chrome thrown in for good measure. I just cant see Batman rolling with orange. Love the Blog! Keep it up.

  2. That sounds like a good combination too.. I’ve thought about bringing some of the bronze that I’ll be using on my wheels into the engine… maybe silver transmission, black block, bronze heads, silver intake manifold and valve covers

    Too many possibilities 🙂

    1. Hmm.. now I’m thinking the following would be cool:

      – Silver transmission
      – Bronze Block
      – Silver heads
      – Silver intake manifold
      – Chrome valve covers and accessories

      1. Engine looks great!! Looks like you went with a black block/heads, silver intake manifold and then silver, chrome/polished accessories. Fantastic job!

    1. That’s the part that I usually have trouble explaining to people. Most people think that the end product is the joy that people get out of building cars….

      For me, it is the process, the planning, the hoping, the cursing and everything else that comes with the journey 🙂

      Loving every minute of it… even loosing sleep over engine colors!!

      1. no luck yet… we’ve been waiting for more of the snow to melt to check out 4-5 different frames that are at a scrap yard.

        i did get some time to start cleaning up the 305. lots of degreaser 🙂

        Since i don’t have any emissions check on a kit car, i can delete that ugly air pump too!

  3. Was wondering the costs and phases of the 89 Batmobile Kits
    Turnkey (and what is in it?..flame, Gun, spinnning turbine…some, or all?)
    Time to build it
    and if bought as just a part done, how many hours would it take a car guy to do it?

    How many shells and completed have you done?

    let me know, I am interested.

    1. Hi Mike,

      This is the first 89 that I have done. As far as kit cost for a DIY it depends on who you purchase it from. They are all different prices with different parts included. You are best to contact the vendors to get their prices.

      Same thing goes with a turnkey, each shop has different prices and different options

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