Wheels Have Arrived

We had a nice visit from the folks from UPS yesterday.  What was even better was that it was March break so there was someone at home to accept the delivery 🙂

Nestled in the four boxes were my custom made Center Line wheels.  A big thank-you goes out to Center Line for helping out and sponsoring the project.

For those who may be taking on a project like this now or in the future, you can find the specs of the wheels below if you are using a 91-96 caprice chassis and running gear.

Wheel: Center Line Auto Drag
Bolt Pattern: 5 x 5
Backspacing: 3-5/16″
Rear: 15″D x 14″W
Front: 15″D x 10″W

Another little known fact is that since the original car was entirely sculpted for the movie the rear is not symmetrical. The rear drivers side quarter panel is 1″ wider than the passenger side.  This requires a 1″ spacer for the drivers side rear wheel to make it look the same as the passenger side.

One of the fun trends in custom cars lately has been how much dish/lip you can get on your wheels.  It’s customary to brag about your new setup with pictures of a dollar bill laying in your wheel to show just how deep a dish you have.  I figured I would post up my version of this customary picture for the BatBerry 🙂

I figured my lunch pail would make a nice substitution for the customary dollar bill 🙂

Now I just need to track down some Mickey Thompson tires for these wheels before I try to fit the body to the frame… that is… after I find a frame that isn’t rotten 😦

You can check out more pictures of the wheels as you read past the “Continue Reading” link.

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