Time to Operate

A big THANK YOU goes out to Glen and my Dad for hauling down the BatBerry donor car to the shop where we’ll tear it down.  It’s now nestled in nicely, patiently waiting to be operated on 🙂

I’ll be taking care of the final transfer of ownership paperwork tomorrow so that the car’s in my name and ready to roll.  I tried to get this all transfered over this morning with the MTO but apparently since it’s a 1991 and 20 years old, it falls into a vintage car category that you need to have appraised for sales tax.  Lovely 😦

So today I had a mobile appraiser come out and fill out the appraisal paperwork for the car.  Turns out he thinks it’s worth a whopping $150! A $60 appraisal well spent! LOL… I let him know it was just going to be used as a parts car and a donor for the BatBerry; which he thought was pretty cool.

Tomorrow it will be back to the MTO to get the car signed over, pay for the government’s “used car package” and pay my sales tax.  Then on Thursday and Friday I’ll be tearing that sucker down to the frame and engine.  I’ll be keeping a bunch of the mechanical parts such as the rad, brake booster, pedal assembly, wiring harness and ECU.  All the parts that I’ll need to donate to the BatBerry.

I’ll be taking pictures and video of the tear down process and posting them up on the weekend.  Then it is off to the media blasters!

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