Altered Altitude Customs Sponsors the BatBerry!

I’m very pleased to announce that Altered Altitude Customs have come on as a suspension sponsor for the BatBerry project!  Altered Altitude is the place to go for your air suspension needs, especially if you’re in Canada. They have a great online site at where you can get all of the premiere names and products in the air suspension world.

When I started asking around locally who I should talk to for equipping the BatBerry with an air suspension, everyone pointed me to Kevin at Altered.  Altered has participated and won competitions in many of the different after market shows such such as Scrape By The Lake.  It was actually funny that when I first contacted Kevin about the BatBerry he remembered my Subaru from ImportFest.

Altered is going to make sure that the BatBerry has what it needs to be able to lift up and down whether it be for a car show, cruising or loading it on and off a trailer.  To start off with we have decided to go with Ride Tech’s COOLRiDE kit for the 91 Caprice.  Kevin made sure I had enough hose and fittings so that I’ll be able to move the car around the garage and onto a trailer if needed.  We’ll be adding the compressor(s), tank, valves and switches as the build progresses.  Of course this system will also be automated using the BlackBerry PlayBook and Smartphone.   I can see some swipe up and down action coming 🙂

I thought I would post a video that Rusty from Rusty’s TV & Movie Car Museum added while he was installing his air suspension.  This will give you an idea of what is coming soon to the BatBerry.

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