The BatBerry Has Landed

After two days of travelling and one day of being storm stayed, the BatBerry has finally found its way to Canada.  It was a long round trip down to Dayton, OH and what made it even longer were the crazy winds that we had to deal with on our way back.

We actually couldn’t have asked for better weather from a temperature and snow perspective, but that wind plus a 26 foot long U-Haul was like driving a sailboat on the freeway.  A HUGE thank-you goes to my Dad for holding on to that steering wheel for dear life for 8 hours in those crazy winds!

Of course as soon as we arrived home, the wind combined with snow and I was storm stayed for a day before they re-opened the local roads.  I’m just glad we got the BatBerry to its destination before that crazy snow hit.

Below you’ll see a quick video of the car in the garage.  I’ve also created a YouTube channel for the videos I’ll be taking during the build.  I also have some more pictures after the “Continue Reading” link for this post.  And yes…. that is snow all over the car 🙂

If you look in the nose, you’ll see all of the other parts stacked under the body.  It was just too darn cold and snowy to bring them all out for photos.

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