Auto Meter Sponsors the BatBerry!

I received some more great news yesterday.  Auto Meter has agreed to come on as a sponsor for the BatBerry project!  The cockpit of the BatBerry looks very much like something you would see in a fighter jet and I’ll need lots of great gauges to make a screen accurate look.  As you can imagine this is a greatly appreciated sponsorship with the amount of gauges on the BatBerry dash.

I’ll be going with Z-Series gauges to create that cockpit look and feel with black faces and bezel and red needles.  For the Speedometer and Tachometer I’ll be going with the Sport-Comp 5″ gauges.  I’ll be sure to paint their silver bezels to match the rest of the gauges for a final look.

For those die-hard Batmobile fans out there, you’ll notice that I’m 2 gauges short.  This is because I’ll be having two pressure gauges that will be tied into my Air Ride system.  More details on that later 🙂

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