More Progress Photos

More photos of different BatBerry parts are emerging from Gotham Cruisers showing how the kit comes to life.  These are all being created in-house by Doug and his team using fiberglass molding techniques.

First we can get a better look at the gun doors, fuel cap inserts and the ammunition doors that we saw in my first post.  All the parts shown in the below photos are still a work in progress. Some requiring more layers of fiberglass, and others requiring trimming and clean-up, but they are coming along nicely!

Both the front canopy and the rear hatch are well on their way to completion too.  Each layer of fiberglass gets built up one-by-one in order to create a nice strong part.

The dash and the dash lid are also being constructed. These create a nice piece where I’ll be adding all the gauges and switches to create a screen accurate cockpit. The dash lid is a nice curved piece as well to give it that original look.

You can even see one of Gotham Cruisers 1966 replicas in the background 🙂

It’s great to see the continued progress leading up to the delivery of the kit.  I’ll have to start making plans both for heading to Ohio as well as getting the tear down of the donor car started.

Things are picking up!!

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