Back from Bali and the Mailman has been here!

Today I arrived back from Bali, Indonesia.  After about 30 hours of total travel time I’m finally back home.  I was in Bali presenting some sessions at BlackBerry DevCon Asia on Jan 13-14.  It was a great show and I had an opportunity to meet lots of great people and also take in the beautiful scenery of Bali!

I can tell you that I’ll take their weather any day over the snow I was shoveling this morning 😦

We also announced at the show that the first release of the BlackBery WebWorks SDK for BlackBerry PlayBook was now available.   This is the SDK for the software that I’ll be using to automate the BatBerry.

The really cool thing is that when I came home I had a bunch of notices from Canada Post…. and you know what that means… PARTS!!

I now have my headlights and tail lights, the throttle quadrant and my coveroo BlackBerry Torch battery cover.  There were also a couple other things that came in.

You wouldn’t think that finding 1/2″ amber LEDs would be that hard.  But man, it sure is.  I managed to find some from an online PC parts website so I made sure I ordered 10 of them and also picked up 6 blue ones too that are now in my LED bin.

I also received my “flicker” circuit that I’ll hopefully be using to create a flame effect from the afterburner.  It allows for 3 different light sources that all run on different circuits and randomly flicker to give a flame effect.  This is the same type of circuit you find in those fake candles that use LEDs.  I plan to run different orange and red flexible LED strips in around the afterburner where you can’t see them and have the flicker circuit do its thing.

I’m not sure how this will all work out, but I’ll add more posts on my afterburner effect after I start to try it out.

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