It’s Alive!!! The Donor Lives!

I received some great news from my Dad today!  My Dad and his neighbour Glen headed out to see if they could take another try at getting the 1991 Caprice Classic donor car to start.

We’ve had a stretch of above zero weather and rain so it made accessing the driving shed where the car’s located quite a bit easier.  With most of the snow gone, the bay door could be opened a bit to get some light in there.

They went armed with an Air Pig to put air back into the tires, gas line anti-freeze (to remove any moisture in the 1/2 full 3yr old tank), some hi-octane fuel, and a fresh battery for the car.  The tires inflated and held air and the new fuel was added.  There were multiple attempts to get it to turn over with the new battery, and it did labor quite a bit to fire up, but sure enough it did fire and run 🙂

When it first started running they realized why it took so much to get it to initially turn over.  The clue was that they started smelling burning rubber.  It was the belt that was attached to the air pump which seemed to have its pulley seized.  They turned the car off, released the tension from the belt on the air pump and the car fired up like a champ with no trouble at all.

They also put the car in gear and did some successful forward/reverse tests to make sure nothing else was seized.

It looks like we have a way to get the car down here to work on, and I just may have access to a heated garage in Feb to strip down the donor!

A big “Thank-you” goes out to my Dad and Glen for their effort in helping this dream become a reality 🙂

Excitement is growing!!!

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