“Lights”… Camera… Action!

From looking at the above three cars you’re probably wondering what they all have in common and what they have to do with the BatBerry.  The answer is simple; they all provide lighting for the BatBerry!

With lots of help from the guys on CLTC, I have been able to track down some good deals on ebay for the Batmobile’s tail lights and headlights.

Tail Lights
The Batmobile’s tail lights come from a combination of two different cars.  The top set of lights are from a Ferrari 308.  The bottom set are from a Ferrari Dino 365.  Tracking down some decent deals on these lights was a challenge, but I was able to strike a deal with a couple of vendors on ebay will bring these lights to my door step at a fraction of their typical cost.

The Ferrari tail lights were the actual lights used for the Batmobile in the movies.  Below you can see a side-by-side of the lights on the Batmobile and the Ferrari lights.

Headlights for the Batmobile are a bit of a different story.  Some say that they were 89 civic headlights, others say different.  What I do know is that after talking to guys at Gotham Cruisers, they have said that the 1988-92 Mazda 626 headlights worked like a charm for their kit.  Thanks to ebay, I was able to grab a set of these headlights at a much cheaper price than the Ferrari tail lights…. Real shocker eh? 🙂

The next challenge when it comes to lighting, will be to fabricate all the mounting points for the lights on the body.  But I guess first things first… I need to pick up the body 🙂

9 thoughts on ““Lights”… Camera… Action!

    1. Hi Aidan,

      I’ll be picking up the body near the end of January or beginning of February. But I’ll be putting it someplace where it can sit until I have the chassis prepped. So it won’t make it to my garage until it has been mounted on the chassis.

  1. this site is very impressive!
    where did you get the original batmobile kit? Im looking to start the project to have an Australian (RHD) version)

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