Donor Car Found!

Well it looks like I may have found my donor car for the BatBerry.  Over the holidays I was able to check out a 1991 Chevrolet Caprice Classic up in my home town while visiting my parents.

The car has been in storage in a driving shed for the last 3 years and hasn’t been moved since.  The storage conditions haven’t been the best considering it’s a dirt floor shed instead of sitting on concrete.  So the tires are out of air, it’s covered in 3 years worth of dust, and she needs some TLC.  I did a thorough check of the underside and frame of the car, and while there’s rust everywhere as would be expected, there doesn’t seem to be soft spots or rot.  The car had been rust treated earlier in its life and it looked like the rust treatment was flaking off.  Nothing a good sand blasting can’t cure 🙂

The car has 135,000 km (84,000 miles) on it which isn’t bad considering it’s a 91.  The tricky part is that we didn’t have a way to get it started (although we did try).  It was sitting in a shed about 300 feet from the road with no electricity and the sliding driving bay door was frozen shut from the ice and snow.  We tried to bring in a spare battery but we think it had some dead cells in it.

When we hooked up the battery the windshield wipers would barely make it across the windshield and there was no hope of even spinning the starter.  Either way, the engine looked like it was in pretty good condition and it ran fine before it was put in storage. You can’t beat the asking price either.  I’m sure we could get her fired up once we brought it to a place where our fingers wouldn’t fall off from the cold!

Now I need to find a warm place to tear it down to the frame so that I can get it over to the sand blasters to do their work.  I want to keep all the necessary parts from the donor such as wiring, brake booster, pedal assemblies, fuel filler neck, latches, switches, HVAC, radiator, engine etc..  I just need someplace to do the work and have the shell taken away.  As soon as I can find a spot, I’ll haul it down from my hometown and get to work.

The hunt for warm garage space begins 🙂

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